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What to Expect When Working With a Boutique Greenville Property Management Company

What to Expect When Working With a Boutique Greenville Property Management Company

Owners looking for professional Greenville property management have a lot of options. There are large real estate companies that offer management services in addition to sales and brokerage services and nationwide chains who happen to have one or two property managers in the local area. 

We’re a little different at Letts Property Management. We are completely focused on property management and we are uniquely positioned in the Greenville rental market to provide deeply local expertise when it comes to leasing and managing your investment home. Our boutique business is designed to provide a customized and personal management experience for you, which leads to better investment outcomes. 

There are many good reasons to work with us, and today we’re highlighting just a few of the things you can expect from working with our talented team. 

Exceptional Marketing for Greenville Rental Properties 

Before we list your home and start showing it to prospective tenants, we take an intentional and strategic approach to the way it’s priced and marketed. We spend some time comparing your property to others on the market because we know that the right price will reduce vacancy and attract the most qualified tenants. 

Once we have your home ready for the rental market, we’ll advertise it online and through our local network of professionals. We’ll handle showings, screen tenants, and manage the lease negotiation and signing. Then, we’ll collect the move-in funds and prepare for a complete inspection of your home. 

We know that starting the process off right will lead to better tenant relationships, fewer problems and conflicts, and higher rents for our owners.

Responsive Rental Property Repairs 

Our move-in and move-out inspections are thorough and well-documented. During the tenancy, we also conduct annual inspections to ensure the lease is being followed and to make sure there isn’t any deferred or unreported maintenance that could cause problems later. 

We respond quickly to any maintenance requests, and we work with a team of excellent vendors who provide reliable, professional work at cost effective prices. Our goal is to protect the condition of your investment, and to make sure its value increases throughout the time that we manage it.

Eviction Protection for Greenville Owners and Investors 

Most of the owners we work with worry that their tenants won’t pay rent or they’ll be stuck having to evict bad renters. Our rigorous screening process and excellent tenant communication ensures that eviction is rare. We even offer an affordable eviction protection program that removes the risk of expensive and time consuming evictions. We know that you need peace of mind, and our team is here to provide it.  

Working with a boutique Greenville property management company means having access to local professionals who care about your home. We’re a large enough company to have the experience and resources necessary to effectively manage your property. We’re small enough that we’re always going to know you and your tenants, and we’re going to treat your property like it’s our own.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, please contact us at Letts Property Management.