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Why Owners Trust Letts Property Management With Their Investment Properties

Letts Property Management serves the Greenville rental market here in South Carolina, and while owners and landlords have many options when it comes to choosing professional management services, we think our team stands apart from the competition. 

Today, we want to share a few reasons why owners trust us here at Letts Property Management. 

Greenville Property Management Experience

We rely on our extensive property management experience, which is a big part of why so many clients trust us with their real estate investments. We bring a lot of local and industry experience to our leasing and management systems. 

As the owner of Letts Property Management, I personally have been managing properties since 2001. During that time, I have successfully managed over 1,500 properties and dealt with more than 5,000 tenants. This experience has given us the ability to see just about every possible situation that could happen at a property. We know exactly what needs to be done to deal with problems and surprises, and we have learned how to maximize the value and the profitability of any investment property. 

Benefits of a Boutique Greenville Property Management Company

We are a boutique firm

Owners like and trust the fact that we keep ourselves small enough to provide personal, customized experiences. We build relationships, and our goal is to stay small enough that those relationships continue to grow and deepen. We have no intentions of becoming a large firm. Those big companies promising flat fee services seem focused on managing as many properties as they possibly can. 

At Letts Property Management, we care about quality more than we care about quantity. 

Successful property management to us is making sure we have a personal hand in everything that’s going on in our company. We want to know how our owners are doing and where their properties could be performing better. Meeting the needs of our current owners is more important than bringing in more business and managing more properties. 

Greenville Property Management Guarantee

Greenville Property Management GuaranteeOwners are confident in the services we provide, and we’re confident, too. That can be found in our personal guarantee. At Letts Property Management, we personally guarantee our service to the point that if any owner is not happy after the first six months of working with us, we will give them back all of the management fees they have paid to that point. That’s a 100% refund for any owner who doesn’t like the work we’re doing. 

Standing behind our property management services with a strong guarantee like this for such a length of time gives owners the comfort of knowing they can rely on our team. We are a company that you can trust. 

These are just a few reasons that owners trust us. There’s a lot more to tell you about how we lease, manage, and maintain your rental properties. 

If you have any questions about Greenville property management or you’d like to discuss how we can help you have a better rental experience, please contact us at Letts Property Management.