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Columbus Property Management

Letts Property Management is a full service property management company. We are the only company that offers a 6-Month Money Back Guarantee on our services.

Letts Property Management has created a new standard in the residential property management industry by using innovative systems that are managed by skilled and experienced property management staff and cost-effective and experienced maintenance technicians.

Our clients are able to generate the highest possible return on their properties or investments without any stress related to management of the property. Letts Property Management manages buildings from 1 to 50 units. This includes everything from condos, townhomes and single family houses, to small and large apartment buildings.

As a full service property management firm, we offer the following services:

  • Advertising and marketing vacant units

    Letts Property Management employs one of the largest networks of skilled leasing agents to ensure our owners that their property will run at the highest level of occupancy.
  • Lease drafting and move-in procedures

    The leases that we use are leases to ensure full compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and statues. We constantly up-date per any changing law or situation that would affect an owner.
  • Complete screening of all tenants

    Letts Property Management does a full credit and criminal background and eviction search on all incoming tenants. By doing this we are able to make certain we are dealing with the highest quality tenants available who are leasing owners’ properties.
  • Semi-Annual Inspections

    Each property that we manage is inspected on a semi-annual basis with a thorough exterior and interior inspection to ensure that any possible tenant damage or issues can be handled and be addressed promptly. In addition, every time one of our technicians or staff is at a property for maintenance or any other issue, they have been trained to do a walk-through of the interior and a walk-around of the exterior for additional “eyes on the site.” This helps catch items that may need to be addressed in between the regular, more complete inspections.
  • State-of-the-art online accounting and financial reporting

    Letts Property Management utilizes a web-based property management system. We provide our property owners with online access to view their financial statements that show when monies are collected and any disbursements that have been made. We can provide numerous reports including tenant rental histories, work order history, property rental histories, and profit and loss statements. Our web-site access provides you, the owner, with access to the information you need when you need it.
  • 24-Hour Maintenance staff

    Our experienced maintenance staff is available around the clock to ensure that issues associated with a building can be acted on in a timely fashion. We are also able to offer the lowest potential maintenance-related costs due to having our maintenance staff in- house, allowing for large savings and higher profits for our owners.
  • Monthly Rental Collections

    We handle and implement a multi-step process to ensure that monthly rent payments are made. We also offer constant reminders to tenants of the importance of on-time payment.

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