Marketing Rental Properties

Rental Property Advertising

Our goal is to maximize the marketing coverage for your property by utilizing the most proven advertising methods. We tailor this advertising to the type of property, rental price, and neighborhood. Depending on the property we advertise on a variety of rental websites and the local Realtors’ MLS. In addition, we publish a weekly Leasing List that is emailed to 150+ leasing agents and realtors that we have partnered with. The Leasing List gives an extra advantage of highlighting our properties to our most loyal leasing agents.

The Internet is recognized as the single largest sources for tenants to start the rental search. Realtors and leasing agents are the next greatest source of rental information. Knowing this, we concentrate on listing the properties on some of the most widely used Internet websites.

You may have noticed we also list the properties on our website. Take a look to see an example of how your listing may look.

Yard Signage

We place signs on properties when they are vacant. Having the ability to catch the interest of someone already in the neighborhood is a big plus to helping rent the home.


We take interior and exterior photos that we place on all websites to generate the most interest. When a prospective tenant can get a good sense of the interior they are more interested in seeing a property.

  • “Is the property in good condition?”
  • “Are the colors neutral to go with any tenant’s personal furniture?”
  • “Have the bathrooms and kitchen been updated recently?”
  • “Is there a yard for the kids?”
  • “How large are the bedrooms?”
  • “Is there carpet or hardwood floors?”
  • “Does it have a finished basement?”

These are some of the questions photos assist in answering before the tenant even steps foot inside the property.

Online Advertising

Some of the websites we use include: GGAR MLS,,,,,,,,,,

You may have noticed we also list the properties on our website, please take a look to see an example of how your listing could appear.

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