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Why You Should Hire a Boutique Greenville Property Management Firm

Letts Property Management is a property management company serving the Greenville County market and upstate South Carolina. We know that there are a lot of different management companies in our area, and all of them have different business models. Some firms are large subsidiaries of national brands. Others are growing very quickly and providing real estate sales services as well as property management. 

Our team is a boutique property management company, and that means we are purposely staying small in order to serve our clients better. Not everyone understands what this means, so today we’re talking about what you should expect when working with a boutique property management company in Greenville. 

Focusing on People and Properties

Our goal at Letts Property Management is to remain a boutique property management company focused on the people we work with and the properties they own. We intend to limit the size of our portfolio in order to keep our standards of service high. We won’t manage more than 200 to 250 properties. 

This may seem counterintuitive in a culture where bigger is supposed to be better. But, we feel that taking this approach allows us to focus our attention on all our owners and the things that are going on with all the properties we are managing. If we’re too busy to focus on your repairs or fill your vacancy because we’re chasing other clients or growing too quickly, we’re not doing a very good job.   

After owning a large property management company in the Chicago market, one of the things I realized is that growing too fast has consequences. When you’re the biggest company around, you’re not necessarily the best. You lose touch with your reason for going into business in the first place, and you sacrifice connections with your owners. That’s not the way we want to manage properties. We want to always know what’s going on at your property and with your tenants.  

Personal Connections through Relationships and Communication

Personal Connections through Relationships and CommunicationOur goal as we provide exceptional Greenville property management is to stay small so we have the ability to establish relationships. When you work with a boutique firm like ours, you can expect to have a personal connection with your management team. We provide the personal touch that you can’t find at a larger company. We know all of our owners and all of our residents. We know what our properties need and how to make them perform better. 

This service model has been set up to ensure we can provide the absolute best property management service in Greenville County. By staying small and not growing further than our capacity can handle, we know that we can provide our owners and their properties the attention they need. We can be responsive and available to tenants. This is what will ultimately help you maximize the potential returns on your investment property. 

If you have any questions about who we are or how we work, please contact us at Letts Property Management.